Hair transplant is a process in which new hair follicles are transplanted to the place where there are no hair follicles. It  is conducted to cure the baldness and alopecia of male pattern baldness and female thinning of hair. One can go for the latest hair transplant technology  FUE or FUT for hair loss in order to achieve the desired appearance. Men and women both can go for this surgery as it works for both the sexes. The market is fully crowded with the clinic that provides the hair transplant  services. So it is very crucial for the patients to do a little homework regarding the procedure.

Hair transplant undoubtedly contributes desirable results to the clients but unfortunately, it has  some of the advantages and disadvantages which we think that every patient should know, before going to hair transplant treatment. One must read various articles and blogs in order to gather information and some clue concerning the surgery.

We are delivering you some of the important pro’s and con’s which one can face after the hair transplant surgery .


**  The hair transplant procedure is known as long term result as the surgery is getting over by the same day. This is considered to be one of the positive attitudes of this surgery.

** One may likely to get the instant results as they can transplant hair at the places or area where there was no hair.

** A surgeon move patient’s natural hair follicles and transplant them into the bald spots or the area required hair, after which the hair grows naturally.

** It's totally on the client’s  hand that how much amount they want to move from one place to additional area.

** Patient need not to worry about the backdrop or history of the hair as the patient themselves are the donor.

** The hair transplant are a one-time process. Until and unless you don’t go for the several other hair transplant techniques.


** Infection of the hair follicles, itching, scalp swelling, numbing of scalp etc are some of the side effects that may lead during this surgical process.

** Unfortunately there are always chances that the surgery may not be successful, as the reaction and response of the medication are different to every patient.  The client may not receive the desired results.

** Sometimes the hair follicles may die off and produce skin bumps at the hair transplant area.

** scarring can be developed after the surgery.

** The patient may experience severe pain after once the reaction of the anesthesia is gone.

** The cost of hair transplant will be very expensive, higher the graft counts more the complete pricing will.

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