Shedding of hair is not at all pleasant experience. It not only affect individual appearance but also decreases the self confidence and self esteem. There are many aspects that affect the hair fall and baldness like poor diet, stress, smoking, genetic, prolong illness or alopecia. Hair fall and baldness can be experienced by the women as well as men.

Though there are various measure that one can take. Hair Transplant are trending a lots now a days, Many surgeons do suggest hair transplant to their patients who desire to get their hair back. Hair transplant is a procedure which is used to move individual hair follicles from donor site to recipient site. It gives a great results but on other hand the hair transplant cost is very high, no doubt it is expensive and might form a hole at ur pocket. After the surgery there are many do and dont’s which one has to follow compulsory in order to evade any prospect complications. The surgeons suggest the following prevention after you go through a surgery


* Follow all the instructions and guidance that are accustomed by the hair transplant surgeon. It will help you to recover soon.

* Keep the scalp dry at the first day after the operation.

* Try to maintain hygiene and keep the operated area clean and dry.

* Apply the ointment cream and consume the antibiotics prescribed by your surgeon in order to avoid any sort of infection.

* If you experience pain, you are allowed to take painkillers or visit your surgeon.

* Rest is all you need now to comfort yourself, give a break to all your work for sometimes.

* Avoid consuming sour fruits such as lemon or oranges.

* You can relieve your swelling and bleeding by putting ice pack on it.

* Ask doctor before using any shampoo, after consulting then only proceed.


* Cover your head while heading out under sun. most probably one should avoid going out for few periods.

* The operated area can be itchy, try not to pick or itch the area in order to avoid any kind or infections.

* Avoid drinking any alcohol or hard drinks for few days after the surgery.

* Do not smoke for couple of months after the surgery, as smoking may disturb the blood flow.

* Avoid performing any physical activities or exercises.

* Don’t involve yourself in activities which may results in excessive sweating

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